Rapid Candy Oil 120ml – The Fox Tan


An instant hint-of-tint!

What is the difference between the Mist, Watermelon, Caramel, Candy, Bronzing Balm & Banana?

Good question! These 6 products all essentially work the same way, however have their own swag to them! The Rapid Mist is the original and contains our cult favourite coconut and mango summer scent. The Rapid Watermelon Shimmer smells like a juicy watermelon and contains a beautiful natural mica pearl that makes you instantly shimmer and glimmer. The Rapid Caramel Kiss is a lotion and gives your skin an instant hint of tint with it’s real caramel extract. The Rapid Candy Oil is a straight up oil and will leave you in candy heaven with it’s delicious scent. The Rapid Bronzing Balm is a rich blend of oils that you smooth into your skin and will leave you smelling like a brownie. The Rapid Banana Whip is super lightweight, glides on effortlessly and leaves the sand at the beach with its non stick technology. All you have to choose is your flavour!


I want candy.


Need some sweetening up? Our Rapid Candy Oil has been specially formulated to rapidly speed up your natural tanning process when having fun in the sun! How? It contains stacks of our exclusive ingredient FoxComplexPlus®. This active ingredient dramatically increases your melanin production, the stuff in your skin that helps you tan. More of this means you’ll achieve a deeper and darker tan, with less time in the sun! Let your skin soak up our deliciously sweet candy oil that’ll have you in candy heaven without the calories. For ah-mazing results use it in conjunction with the Rapid Elixir as your preparation phase.



First start by applying your Candy Oil liberally onto skin and smoothing in when gaining UV exposure, let this settle into your skin. Now it’s time to apply your desired SPF. Reapply your Candy Oil and SPF when  necessary.

  • FoxComplexPlus™
  • Macadamia Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil

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